A Short Soap Subscription


Short soap subscription for two of your favourite soaps every three months. Two packages. This soap is made by us in Amsterdam. Made of organically grown ingredients, fats, oils and essential oils. No Palmoil. Extra oil in the soap makes the soap take care of your skin.

This payment is for 2 deliveries and 4 soaps in total.

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Your favourite chosen soap twice send to a home address. Every delivery contains two pieces of soap of 100 grams each. When ordering please do write down what kind of soap is your default soap.

We will email before we prepare your second package after three months. This is the moment to postpone the second delivery if you like to receive the soap later in time, or at another address. You can also order extra soaps or change the kind of soap you choose for this package. Of course there will be no extra charge for delivery.

This payment is for 2 deliveries and 4 soaps. You save on delivery costs and get the soap without hassle at home.

After the second delivery we will thank you in an email and remind you the subscription is done and that you can always choose to renew. We do love the support you give us. Thanks!

For a discount on the extra postage charged use the following Dutch words: Kort Abonnement Zeep Korting
Then postage is included in the price.