One Year Soap Subscription


One Year Soap Subscription where you will receive every four months a box full of soap at the given address. The soap is made by us in Amsterdam and is made of organically grown ingredients and certified organic oils and fats and scents. No Palmoil. Lots of love. Postage is included.

This Subscription and payment will have gotten you all 6 small soaps and all 6 big soaps in the end and an added bonus surprise with every delivery.



When you never want to be without Amsterdam Soapfactory soap at home – to shower with or to have an original Amsterdam present at home to give away when needed – then this soap subscription could be just what you need. In three parts you will receive the six small and six big soaps – with in every package a surprise as an extra bonus!

When you really like to support us substantially by investing upfront in these 12 to 15 soaps that we send in three packages to your adres – then this is a great option for both of us! The big advantage of receiving the soap every four months is that your get beautiful fresh soaps and that we are able to spread the work in time.

In this One Year Soap Subscription you will have gotten all 6 small soaps and all 6 big soaps in the end and an added bonus surprise with every delivery.

Before sending out the next package we will always send you 3 to 4 weeks in advance a reminder-email that does not need a response but is open to one. When you really like to receive more soaps of one kind you are more then welcome to communicate that with us. It is also possible to order more soaps to the upcoming order, ofcourse without adding extra delivery costs. Change of the address for the next delivery is possible too.


This subscription works like this:

Package 1 – we will send this to the given address

Four small soaps and one big soap and a surprise.


Three weeks before sending the next delivery we will send an email reminding you about package number 2. At this time you can tell us your favourite flavour or add soaps to the package without extra delivery costs of course.

Package 2 – four months later

Three big soaps and a small soap and a surprise.


Package 3 – the third package comes another four months later

Two big soaps a surprise and the sixth small soap.


We will time the deliveries of the soaps before the obvious festive year moments like  St. Nicolas and Eid Al-Fitr but you can also give us heads up when you like to receive your next package rather a bit later or earlier because of a party that is coming up or because of soap shortage!

Postage is included.

After the three packages sent to your home your One Year Soap Subscription is done. You might get a reminder e-mail about the possibility to renew. But thats it!