Market Agenda


Thursday 14.00 till 16.00 at the atelier, Tweede Oosterparkstraat 210/208.
Let op: december 20th we are closing a little bit earlier (15:15) because of a great Xmas-market for everyone at Amstelkwartier: next to Thuis aan de Amstel.
Amstelkwartier Wintermarkt at Thuis aan de Amstel, thursday 20th of december 16u till 21u! Really nice one.
At the farm of Gein Genoegen 22nd of December 10 – 16.
Pure Markt Frankendael sunday 23rd of December 2018.

Tuesday at De Ceuvel through 17u -19u. Order before sunday evening. Specials second tuesday of the month.
Tuesday at Alkmaar at VERS through 17u -19u. Order before sunday evening.
Wednesday at Purmerend through 17u – 19u. Order before monday evening.
Saturday Amstelkwartier, at Hotel QO through, 10u – 12u, order online before thursday evening.

See the Dutch Marktagenda for all markets..

Since 2017 we have our soaps available through Boerenenburen aka the Food Assembly: at Amstelkwartier (saturday) and de Ceuvel (tuesday evenings) and at Alkmaar (also tuesday) and at Purmerend (wednesday evening). Do check online what and where! Its easy to make a login, and see if you’d like to buy local food – and soaps.

This is how it works: “ Assembly” you order up front and pay already, and you can come pick it up during the market. No sales on the market itself, only pre-order pickup. Bring your own bags.

NEW in 2018: order your soaps online and tell us at what market and at what day you will pick them up by using the code Ikhaaldezeepzelfop (this is to have the postage removed!) Also at Boerenenburen-moments.