About Our Soap

The Amsterdamsche Zeepfabriek (Amsterdam Soap Factory) produces soaps with organic ingrediënts made in a traditional artisanal way. We use the cold-process method and our own original recipe. In our soap, we only use pure organic oils, organic fats and organic essential oils. Even the added coconut for scrub and oatmeal for scrub are of organic origin. This is our way of making sure we make sustainable conscious decisions while making soap. Where soap is a product that cleans and as such is not a thing you call ‘organic’ the oils and fats totally are!

We choose to not use palmoil as that is always questionable when used in soap even if produced ‘sustainable’. Feel free to ask us ‘why’ when you run into us on a market or at the atelier on thursday afternoons.

We rely on Amsterdam’s rich soap tradition by using hempseed-oil in all of our recipes. In 1600 hempseed-oil was used in Amsterdam soap: the best quality soap of Europe in their time!

A balanced combination of oils makes our soaps luxurious, foamy, and conditioning. In addition, they are taking care and are soft on the skin. We love creating surprising scent combinations. Try them yourself.

The soap we make is for use in shower and bath. Quite a few are also lovely to use just for just washing your face. And yes, all our soaps are also perfect for washing your hands. Four of the soaps have a base of coconut oil, olive oil, hemp seed oil and shea butter (Kwiek, Zuip, Pap and Zwier). Two of the soaps have a base of cocoa butter, hemp seed oil, castor oil and coconut oil (Leut and Sjoko). The scent of each soap is a bouquet wherein stronger and softer scents combined play different roles on at the time.

We buy the certified organic essential oils, oils and fats through NHR Essential Oils in Brighton, UK.

organic soap from the Netherlands Amsterdam
Photo: Volkshotel