Here we can share tips and tricks on regreening our Vrolikstraat.


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Sunday the 23rd of may 2021 we will have the PLANTMARKET at corner Eikenweg/ Vrolikstraat. Bring your coupon for plants and bring money if you like to buy more. Paul will come with around 400 plants from the west for our balconies, pots in front of the house, gardens in the street..

The idea is: lets all start rummaging around that day in front of our house, help oneanother out, swap ideas or plants or seeds, or not, and stay corona proof but together.

The plants will be there from 12u, with before getting ready, and till 16u/18u. See you there!

Try the tips at the dutch page.. brush up your Dutch!


sowing: zaaikalender Maart/April/Mei


minitomatoes in a small glass house: in februari sow allready inside

ijzerhard/verbena: under glass in march inside. Move outside out of glasshouse half may.

Spring starts halfway March and that means your under glass sown seeds inside can go step by step outside. Protect the young plans when freezing at night happens. Because temperature outside rises slowly you can also put the first seeds in the ground outside staring this time. (tekst borrowed from


Not all seeds can yet be sown in the outside ground. Sow Courgette, cucumber and tomatoes (courgette, komkommer en tomaten) under glas in a garden glasshouse or in a bucket. Later, in may, you can put them from the container in the “volle grond” /earth


May is for green fingered people the funnest month of the year: spring sprung! The balcony or garden is moving and you get to harvest the first vegetables. Not much change of night freeze so you can sow direct in the earth.



– to be continued –


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doorklik: how to ask for a garden in front of the house from the gemeente

doorklik: hoe vraag je new or more bikeracks aan met een paar buren (nog te maken)

doorklik: who wants to help build balkony window boxes, lets do it this summer!, en wanneer doen we dat (gaat vast gebeuren!)

doorklik: hoe krijg ik a waterbarrel for rainwater in front of my house en waarom zou ik dat eigenlijk willen? (nog te maken)



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